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A/C & Refrigeration

A/C systems for trucks, buses, agriculture, construction equipment and refrigeration systems.

  • Standards/Certifications:
    Exceeds SAE J2064 Type E, Class 1
  • Sizes and pressure: (bar/psi)
    -04 (35/500), -06 (35/500), -08 (35/500), -10 (35/500), -12 (35/500), -16 (35/500)
  • Operating temperature:
    -40°C to +140°C (-40°F to +284°F)
  • Inner tube: Dual extrusion technology polyamide veneer
  • Reinforcement: 1 Textile braid
  • Cover: UV-resistant EPDM
  • Selling features:
    15% higher temperature range than competitors.
    Exceeds OEM technical requirements.
    Simple and fast assembly with EZ Clip saves
    time and money.
    Multiple uses and applications.
    Perfect for field service of A/C systems.
    Environmentally sound, with the lowest permeation in the industry.
  • Available Fittings:
    EZ Clip fittings

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