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What we Offer

Premium Hydraulic Services for Canadian Manufacturers

At PACA Hydraulics, we're committed to nurturing successful partnerships with Canadian OEMs

We understand the hydraulic landscape and are here to help you focus on growing your business.

Our Customised Solutions

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  1. Custom Hose Assembly & Kitting
    We provide custom hose assembly to meet your specific requirements, reducing your effort in sourcing and assembling parts.
    Our kitting service can organize components into packages that correspond with your assembly process.

  2. Hose Cleaning
    Our hose cleaning service removes dirt, debris, and residues, especially after hose cutting.
    This ensures your hoses are ready for use without risking contaminating your machinery.

  3. Capping & Plugging
    We can cap the ends of your hoses and plug the fittings to shield them from dirt and damage while stored or transported.
    This means your hoses last longer and work better, and your machinery faces fewer issues.

  4. Complete Hose Testing & Certification
    We will perform thorough pressure and leak tests to guarantee that your hoses meet industry safety standards.
  1. Part Number Integration & Cross-Referencing
    We incorporate your part numbering system and cross-reference it with our own,
    allowing you to keep using your existing part numbers and eliminating confusion in the ordering process.

  2. Danfoss UniqID
    We tag your hoses with a unique identifier, simplifying replacement orders for your clients and helping in asset tracking and maintenance scheduling.
    When your clients need a hose replacement, a simple scan of this tag will direct your aftermarket sales back to you, boosting your revenue.

  3. Custom Packaging / Identification Barcoding
    Our custom packaging and barcoding of each part ensure clear identification,
    helping your technicians correctly and quickly place parts and reducing errors and assembly time.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

This service is designed to improve order accuracy, reduce processing time, and eliminate errors caused by manual entry.
It ensures that all transactions, from purchase orders to invoices, are handled automatically and electronically.

We ensure that the products you need are always available based on your production forecasts.

Our advanced warehousing system manages inventory precisely at a 97% fill rate for OEMs.

This means that we can consistently deliver orders on time and minimize delays.

  1. On-site Crimping Solution
    The on-site crimping solution is not just for immediate production needs; it’s also an asset for your R&D.

    You can benefit from the ability to prototype and test hydraulic hoses at your facility,
    allowing for quicker iteration and refinement of hose designs without delay.

    Don’t forget to ask about our crimper at no-cost program!

  2. Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)
    We’ll work on-site with you to manage and maintain your inventory.
    This means you’ll always have the right parts on hand, reducing downtime and ensuring undisrupted operations.

  3. Technical Support & Product Training
    We offer on-site technical support for troubleshooting, maintenance, and optimization.

    Additionally, we conduct training sessions for your technical team so that they can use our products with proficiency and confidence.

In addition to our hose routing and tube bending services,
we supply exclusive Weatherhead by Danfoss products in three tiers – Premium, Standard, and Specialty – to suit various engineering needs and budgets.

The exciting part? You can mix and match these tiers as per your engineering requirements to create the most cost-effective solution.

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Your Questions: Answered


We are committed to being a trusted partner you can rely on.

WHD Canada is a leading provider of Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings! The amazing quality of the product and the support from their Team in all departments are extremely reliable. Would highly recommend any business to experience what this company can offer in this market!

Neil Murphy

District Sales Manager, Maritime Provinces - Würth Canada

The team at WHD is always there to assist with all my Hydraulic questions and needs. They always go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

Patrick Plummer

Sales Representative - Lawson Products

The WHD team is knowledgeable and committed to our partnership.
They think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to support our business.

PR Distribution

We have worked with WHD for years. I have always found them to be extremely knowledgeable and supportive, as well as having quality products. They are there to support set-ups, full training, or for questions on specific client needs. It has been great working with them!

Kerri Hleucka

District Sales Manager B.C. Central - Würth Canada

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