Danfoss Acquires Eaton’s Hydraulics Division

In recent news, Danfoss has entered into an agreement to acquire Eaton’s hydraulics division. This falls fully in line with Danfoss’s strategy to strengthen it’s core business and also further improving the quality of customer value. Both companies have a strong global reach and presence. Danfoss acquiring the Hydraulics division will only strengthen Paca’s brand because their vision and strategy’s fall in line on we want to achieve as a company and making sure our customers get the best value and quality they can get in the industry. During this transition, the quality of the Weatherhead and the rest of the product line remains the same. Throughout Danfoss’s history, they’re known to be always innovating and achieving great milestones, that’s how their company got to where it is today. All in all, we’re excited and looking forward to this transition and aim of serving our customer’s with the best service and products.




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