Adhesives & Sealants

Permatex developed its first adhesive in 1909. Through extensive research and development, Permatex continues to manufacture a variety of products for industrial and automotive consumers, including adhesives, threadlockers, sealants and gasket makers.


Permatex Logo
Blue sensor safe, clear, black, high temperature red
Gasket Makers
Ultra blue, ultra black, ultra copper
Threadlockers & Thread Sealants
Blue removable, red permanent, pipe sealant with teflon
Super Glues & Epoxies
Super glue, super glue gel, quick set epoxy, plastic weld, epoxy stick, cold weld compound, instant gas tank repair, stripped thread repair, contact cement
Aerosols & Brush Top
Gasket remover, super high tack gasket sealant, aviation form-a-gasket, copper spray gasket, thread sealant, anti-seize lubricant